Our Products Are Oeko-Tex Certified: What That Means

We sleep better at night knowing Hoxtonlinen is doing its part to protect the planet. Bleaches and dyes can harm the environment – and ourselves. So we sought to manufacture our products in a mindful way. Allow us to break it down…

Organic Doesn’t Mean What You Might Think
As consumers increasingly demand natural products, companies frequently manipulate the term ‘organic’ when labeling their textiles. Fibers grown organically – but processed with toxic chemicals – may still carry the organic label. ‘Wrinkle free’ or ‘permanent press’ labels should also be avoided because manufacturers treat these fabrics with formaldehyde resin, a toxic chemical. So what should you look for?

Oeko-Tex: The Facts
A global network of laboratories operates Oeko-Tex, a certification system for textile producers. They test for harmful substances which are prohibited or regulated by law and chemicals which are known to be harmful to health. They also test for colour fading and acidity as a precautionary measure to safeguard health at every stage of production. The intended use of the textiles determines the stringency of the tests – the more prolonged and direct contact the textile will have with skin, the more demanding the requirements. All components of the product, without exception, must comply with these standards, including the sewing thread, lining, buttons, etc. This process surpasses all other existing criterion in safety and environmental protection.

But Wait, There’s More
In addition, the European Union produced legislation providing a framework for testing chemical compounds in products – REACH protocol. This stands for “registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals” and holds manufacturers responsible for the safety and health of both humans and the environment, instructing them to identify and limit the risks of all chemicals used in their processes.

Hoxtonlinen Oeko-Tex Certification.The Hoxtonlinen Difference
All of our Sheets, exceed both Oeko-Tex certification and REACH protocol requirements. The 100% long-staple cotton fibers we use are spun into sheets by family-owned factories. Theirs is a tradition rooted in the methods and crafts of generations past.

Quality and nature are both of paramount importance. Surrounded by crisp sunlight and fresh air – natural characteristics of the region – our artisans comb the smooth woven cotton with great precision to remove all impurities and dye the fabric naturally.

Hoxtonlinen products arrive at your doorstep packaged in a reusable tote bag, delivering a finished product that always considers how we can care for you and our environment at the same time. As soon as you slip into your new Hoxtonlinen, you’ll feel the difference.